This week we sent Jamie back to school to attend a social media strategy workshop, hosted by The Social School and Press + Post.

She’s a millennial, so we thought she should already have this stuff mastered. But because social media is such a dynamic and evolving world, it has ultimately become a continuous learning process for all of us. Her overall impressions of the workshop were that it was presented very professionally and that the workbook to accompany the workshop is definitely a keeper for projects to come.

We asked her to give us her top ten takeaways from the workshop. Here’s what she shared with us:

1. If you confuse people, you lose people.

Narrow your business offering down to one sentence. Ideally, this ties in with your customer’s “biggest pain point” — a.k.a., why they need you. You want to speak to them in a different tone than you would to anyone in your industry and internally. Your customers need to really get your offering.

2. Consider your social strategy when developing your voice, tone, and brand guidelines.

When you are putting together the design details of your brand or corporate identity, include a section specifically pertaining to the voice and tone of your social media. This should seamlessly tie in with your brand. Just don’t forget this step. Don’t think in terms of B2C or B2B. Think H2H — human to human. How will you engage with your audience? Is it different across social platforms? What’s the chain of command?

3. Identify what unique expertise your brand can offer your audience of interest.

Develop an ideal target profile and ask the important question: what can I offer that will provide value to this person? What’s important them? Speak to one person effectively and you can capture your entire target audience.

4. Download FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER and use it.

It provides so much more information and insight on how your page is doing versus logging in via your personal account on Facebook and operating it. Dooooo it.

5. Snapchat is important.

It has surpassed Twitter and Facebook usage across the country. It is now the number one up-and-coming platform. And early adopters are seeing the return on the time investment required for it. Why? Because of how real, unedited and authentic it is. Relationships develop when followers know what’s happening in your business at the moment, as it provides a sense of transparency and behind the scenes that you wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s the future of sharing your brand’s story. Here’s a list of the top ten best brands on Snapchat right now.

6. Social media shouldn’t be perfect, but it should be polished.

Try different things to reach audiences. Take risks with your content and see what works. Don’t be too hard on yourself when something doesn’t work.

7. If you want to grow your reach, boosting posts is necessary.

$5-10 dollars per week will boost your visibility significantly. What’s the point of hiring someone to generate content that isn’t being seen? Understand your customer’s hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations, as it relates to the service you are offering or product you are selling. This allows you to frame your efforts in a much more effective and directed manner.

8. Download GRAMMARLY for copy perfection.

It’s a plug-in you can add to your web browser to check your spelling and grammar on social posts. It works well on blog post platforms, too! It corrects up to ten times more mistakes than your average word processor. It’s life changing, I promise. Unfortunately, it’s not available on mobile devices yet.

9. Only share horizontal or square photos on Facebook.

You want your feed to flow like a magazine spread. The white space that vertical photos leave behind doesn’t work well.

10. Speak to your audience when they’re online. Not when you are.

Track your posts using Google Analytics and the built-in analytics that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook offer. They can provide you with valuable insights about when your posts will receive the most love.

Although social media is a newer tool that businesses are adopting as a channel to connect with their audiences, it’s proven to have outstanding effectiveness when used correctly. It turns out even those who are surrounded 24/7 by social media can learn a thing or two from paying attention to analytics and keeping on top of trends. If we think of it as an open-ended opportunity, rather than a daunting unknown, then it becomes an exciting place for experimentation.


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