A few cool things happened to me this month, one: I was fortunate enough to attend Calgary’s first modern marketing forum called The Post, and two: I officially became part of the FLIPP team. After six months as Studio Coordinator, I have now stepped into an Account Coordinator role and I couldn’t be more excited.

The Post was founded by the ladies from Press + Post that recently brought The Social School to Calgary. I was blown away when I attended their social media strategy workshop in June, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend the first conference of its kind here in Calgary. It encompassed three days of conversation around the success of today’s top brands through the emphasis placed on social media, digital strategy and brands that are redefining what it means to evolve, adapt and innovate new ways to share their story.

If I had to pick the top three thoughts that stuck, they would be the following:

If you can tell the difference between work and play, then you are doing one of them wrong. Joel Comm shared his thoughts on the hustle and grind we all seem to get caught up in. He had a bold take on there being no such thing as work life balance, but instead only a fluctuation of each. So his rebuttal to this was to work smart, not hard. Get out of the house and office to attend events. Connect with your passion, show up, take risks and embrace failure. He also emphasized the importance of creating healthy boundaries and knowing when to say “no”  — something we all need to exercise more.

“Connect with your passion, show up, take risks and embrace failure.”

—Joel Comm, Author 

Seek to have your product or service serve a functional purpose, an emotional purpose and ultimately, a human connection. Adam from the technical athletic wear clothing company Arc’teryx emphasized that brand strength lies in consistency and personalization. He presented the need to be mindful that a staggering 88% of people trust online reviews. This means, we as brands have to give up control of telling our brand’s story, because other people will eventually tell it. Create a vision around what you want your customers to say about your brand, and manifest it. 

This generation is looking for a real purpose. Spend money on building your brand, not promoting it. The co-founder of Frank + Oak, Ethan Song, walked us through key elements of building a brand in this generation. He shared his secret to taking away the pain points of shopping: making his product [clothing] selection simple focusing on quality, but still keeping affordability a crucial component of the equation. Your brand’s purpose is the most definitive thing you have. Know what you stand for, and make it known by having it live in your values and messaging. Find the right social media channel for your brand and embrace it.

“Your brand’s purpose is the most definitive thing you have.”

—Ethan Song, Co-Founder Frank + Oak 

The Post concluded with Mark Schaefer reminding us to build trust, not traffic. A common theme from The Post of removing barriers to connecting with our followers on a more human, more real, engaging way. Case and point — the insane warm embrace Snapchat has received. Unedited, real time snapshots into what our lives are actually like from moment to moment.

“Build trust, not traffic.”

—Mark Schaefer, Author

The most humbling part of the two days was the obvious curiosity this city has to continue learning and growing with the technology and digital realm we are living in. Learning the stories that lie behind both successful brands and successful individuals, I was honoured to be a part of city looking to strengthen their brand strategies. After a short but sweet six months in this industry, I am very grateful to be surrounded by inquisitive, talented and inspiring creatives, especially with access to a conference like this right here at home in Calgary. Cheers to a successful year one for The Post and landing my full time role with my FLIPP family. Who knows what the “new Snapchat” will be this time next year? 


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