The Calgary Stampede hit its 104th year this summer. There’s something about this time of year that really captures Calgary’s spirit and energy. Aside from the fact that you see a lot of denim (on denim), leather, fringe, skin and even more skin, it’s a lot of crazy, wild, fun. Comparable to spring break in Cancun, except, drumroll, it’s in good ‘ol Calgary, Alberta — and everyone is decked out in western wear. One of the best parts about the culture here in Calgary during the Stampede is that even if you’re not that into country music, own any western attire, or are into hanging out with a ridiculous number of cowboys/cowgirls —it doesn’t matter. Almost everyone gets into it at some point during the ten days. Regardless of your country level commitment. And we like that!

We did a little digging on how many people actually attend and found out on average 1.2 million guests attend the Stampede over the ten days. There are 1.1 million people in Calgary. Okay, what? With 74% guests from the Calgary area and a staggering repeat guest percentage of 84%. That means sponsorships are a pretty big deal and can increase your brand awareness by absurd amounts in a short ten days.

Years ago, our founder Emily was a part of the corporate sponsorships team while she worked for The Calgary Stampede. When she founded FLIPP, she knew she wanted to stay involved, but this time it would be from the other side of the fence. The Calgary Stampede has existed as an iconic symbol of volunteerism since day one, so without surprise, there were projects that needed some help to get rolling. So what have we worked on for the Stampede since getting involved? We started a relationship with the Caravan Committee for our sponsorship and developed a front-end website for Calgarians to find out where the official Stampede breakfasts are at in the city. We also worked on a back end site for all things promotional related to the Stampede to keep volunteers’ schedules organized throughout the year. Emily told us about remembering the overwhelming number of committees that existed when she was there. She remembers 50. The real number? 47. There are approximately 2,500 year-round volunteers and another 2,000+ group that steps in to contribute during the Stampede. The majority of them are agricultural committees, however, the top committee standout we can’t believe actually exists: the Miniature Donkey Committee. Can we come to a meeting, please?

Okay so let’s get back to the breakfasts. We all have seen the copious amounts of breakfasts scattered throughout the city that seem to be happening just as you’re on your way somewhere and can’t stop and actually enjoy yourself. But there’s nothing like making a plan to spend your morning at an official one. Have you been to one yet? With 7 days left, there are still lots to go to. Two a day in the city to be precise. Did we mention, they’re free? Fun fact: next breakfast you get to, you may see our logo on the pancake flippers (see what we did there, PUN IS DEFINITELY intended).

Another fun fact is that each Stampede sponsorship level has a title, but has the same access. For instance, we started as a Wrangler sponsor, now six years later, we’re a Cattle Baron sponsor and we couldn’t be more proud. Every year we’re invited to the attend the parade and are hosted at a couple sponsorship events before, during, and after the Stampede. This year, we sent Jamie and Rita to the annual parade kick off to capture everything through her lens, and we wanted to share a few of them with you, here. After all, this is the Magazine. And what’s a magazine without photos?




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