As FLIPP’s resident “semi-pro” photographer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills behind the camera, because as my wedding photos will attest… I’m awkward in front of it.

Luckily this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a food photography workshop put on by our neighbours in the belt line at The Camera Store, with food photographer Ingrid Kue.

Ingrid is a regular contributor to Culinaire Magazine, and she’s been called upon to shoot some of the best restaurants in Calgary such as Bonterra, Cibo and Blink Restaurant.

The workshop itself covered preparing for a shoot, equipment needs, lighting, techniques in the field and the biggest take way, the “rules” for food photography.

It must be edible, it must be authentic.

Ingrid bases all her food photography around these two rules, the food must remain edible at the end of the shoot, and the dish being shown must be authentic to what’s being served.

1) The food must be edible at the end of the shoot
We’ve seen those “behind the scenes of food photography” where white glue becomes milk, or hair spray is spritz onto a roasted turkey to give it that “fresh from the oven” look. Ingrid doesn’t partake in such shenanigans, anything you see in her photos is still safe to eat, it might be a little cold, or have had a bit of extra olive oil drizzled on it, but it’s never ruined.

2) The dish being shown must be authentic
The second is even more important than the first in my opinion, if it’s not used in the preparation of the dish, it’s not used in the photo. That means no garnishing a beef stew with fresh parsley if the beef stew doesn’t contain any fresh parsley. A few bright red peppercorns might look great on a black plate next to a carefully plated dessert…. but few desserts contain fresh cracked pepper.

Following these two rules ensures an accurate portrayal of food being featured, while still creating images that jump off the page and get your stomach rumbling.

A big thanks to both Ingrid & The Camera Store for putting on such a great workshop, looking forward to putting it into practice.


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