Last night Adobe hosted another #CreativeJam at Alberta College of Art & Design, and we were blown away at the extraordinary talent that our friendly neighbourhood art college consistently produces. We would know, we have three ACAD alumni right here at FLIPP.

Recently we were visited by two ACAD students as part of a Visual Communications project on their ‘agency of choice.’ As part of the assignment they were asked to seek out a local creative design agency in the city and interview the founder or team members to gain a better understanding of the industry, agency culture, as well as what makes the agency’s offering unique to the Calgary market. Not only do we see this as a great opportunity to introduce FLIPP to the up and coming designers in the city, but it also allows us to share more about our experience in industry and what life is like at FLIPP.

We received a copy of project partners Leetia and Sali’s written report and thought it would be great to share an outsiders perspective on life here at FLIPP. Thanks for the kind words! Here are some choice excerpts from their report:

“FLIPP Advertising is one of those businesses that makes you want to be a part of their team. Our impression of the agency from first viewing their social media accounts to walking around their studio space to meeting their team was very highly regarded through and through.

One of the main things that made FLIPP stand out to us was their genuine sense of community and collaboration within their team. The agency is relatively small in size – 11 people – despite being a fairly developed business hitting it’s 8-year mark last February.

In terms of it’s size, FLIPP’s founders value work-life balance and work efficiency without creating an atmosphere that is too corporate. With experience welcoming a larger number of members in their team, they seem to appreciate a more manageable number of employees to create more of a “flat hierarchy” rather than a corporate one. The benefits of this kind of business plan allows for team members to be able to contribute in many aspects of a project and have effective communication between groups to keep on the same page.

FLIPP does various of work for a wide range of advertising and branding applications, including website, packaging, social media, branding, and creating actual ads for their client companies. The projects they enjoy the most are the ones that they can build from the ground up in partnership with the business owners who come seeking their creative help.

Personally, we both agree that FLIPP would be an excellent work environment – especially coming out of graduation as the process of going through projects seems to be cohesive with how many of our projects at ACAD develop as well as the welcoming and easy-going atmosphere.”

Huge shout out and thank you to Leeita and Sali for selecting us as their agency of choice, and congrats on finishing the semester. We hope you landed that A.


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