Cam Marshall named Digital CD

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The Apple Watch decision

Culture, Design, Technology - July 13, 2015

About two weeks ago, I decided to take the Apple Store up on their return policy…

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The Watch is here. But do you really need one?

Culture, Design, Technology - June 29, 2015

The Apple Watch launched a few months ago and ever since I’ve been trying to justify…

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Stay Relevant – Google’s updates to reward mobile-friendly sites

Advertising, Technology - April 15, 2015

On April 21st, Google will release significant changes to their search algorithm for ranking mobile results. This has potential to…

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The #1 Secret to Marketing Success in ANY Industry

Advertising, Culture, Technology - March 27, 2015

OK, well that headline is a bold statement but we have it on good authority there…

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5 Days of Marketing Insights From SXSW

Advertising, Design, Technology - March 22, 2015

The hickory BBQ smoke has cleared and our FLIPP Advertising envoys are back in Calgary and…

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Your Website Is Better With Social Content

Advertising, Technology - January 23, 2015

Once upon a time before Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards your website was likely the beginning…

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Off to CAMP!

Culture, Design, Technology - September 16, 2014

Last week, Calgary hosted the inaugural CAMP Festival. The design and creative technology focused conference featured…

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